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How Do You Wear Your Sleep Deprivation?

This was a quick post I did on Facebook the other day.  I thought it was interesting enough to post quickly here on the blog too!



Did you  know that ONE night of sleep deprivation (<5 hours /night) is equivalent to eating 500 extra calories  a day!  (I just heard a Dr talk about this today!)


By "equivalent " I mean the  amount of metabolic stress it puts on the body! 


Poor sleep (not enough or poor quality) REALLY effects your  metabolism folks  AND YOUR overall risk of HEART DISEASE and stroke! 


This means 2 things in particular...

1) If you struggle with appetite,  insulin or weight you will many to take a look at your sleep habits!


2) If you have a night where you get less sleep/poor quality  sleep give yourself some mindful triage the next day  (or two):


- Start you day with fluids and if you like, energizing greens (Green Coffee)


- When you eat breakfast aim for savory instead of sweet and make it SATISFYING!   It should have your  preferred protein source too.  You might prefer a lighter meal like a smoothie (AVOID too much fruit in it though !l Or go for something more hearty like leftovers from dinner.


- Know that your appetite will likely be increased throughout the day you  be prepared and have a health alternative in hand!


- Got salt cravings? Try veggies (raw or roasted) with salt in it... OR  sip  a veggie soup.


-Want comfort food by dinner time? Try a small portion of  roasted veggies with salt and rosemary or dill.  

 Better yet, stuff a sweet potato with taco  meat and  salsa!


- Try a Decaf beverage  (herbal tea, decaf coffee, steamed almond milk etc). This can be especially helpful quell those those cravings that just come from being tired.  It also helps with that  elevated stress response due to lack of sleep! 


Last week I had a LATE  night (hello midnight) since Hubby and I went to a magic show (The awesome! ). Glad I started the day with hot lemon H2o and Green Coffee (aka a green smoothie with Ginger,  kale, cumber, cilantro etc). I have to live out these recommendations just like you guys! 



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