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Upcoming Event: Grocery Store Tour!

Quick update for those of you who are my blog followers!  This Wednesday (August 23rd) and next (August 30th) I will be leading a FREE Grocery Store tour through out local Mega Foods in Lebanon, Oregon!


A grocery store tour is not about product promotion. It is all about learning to shop healthy and smart!  The theme of the two tours I will be doing is Building a Balanced plate!  We will use the My Plate method to tour the grocery store as we discuss healthy options and money saving strategies! 


Head to my Homepage to find more detailed info.  I offer two different times in the afternoon (4pm one day and 6pm on another). So find one that is right for you and sign up. SPACE IS LIMITED TO 12 PEOPLE  so an RSVP is REQUIRED!


If you have any questions contact my at my email or phone on my contact page!


If you can't attend but know someone who can, pass on the news!  Can't wait to see you there!


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