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Welcome to the Pantry Lab Blog!

January 17, 2017


Welcome to The Pantry Lab!  Those of you who have followed me for a little while on my Facebook page, You Tube Channel, and Wordpress blog, you know me as “Dietitian Cathryn” or “DC.”  While I may always be known as Dietitian Cathryn by my readers, I have decided to expand and launch this new venture --The Pantry Lab LLC.

If you are like me, the name sort of makes you stop and think a minute.    It did for me when I first thought of it. Pantry+ Lab.  Wha???  The reason The Pantry Lab stuck, was due to the concept underlying it.   You see, what I do as Dietitian is a blend of the Pantry [where you get your food and what you eat] + the Lab [where experiments are made and truths are discovered].


This blog is a place to educate and share the wonder of real-food nutrition from both a scientific and practical perspective.   I call it “from the why (Science) to the what (your plate!)”

I want you to KNOW what to put in your pantry, on your plate and in your mouth.  


I am excited to expand my connection and resources with all of you as I add on this website and blog to my other social media channels. I look forward to offering more resources here on the blog. Doubtltess, this site will evolve over time. I would love for you to join me on the journey.   Perhaps, along the way, I can help you on yours!

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